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100% natural and freshly homemade
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Our daily basis is very simple, we take only natural ingredients to make amazing seasonal products. We use no added flavouring, colours or hemicals of any kind. We believe that this practice leads to extraordinary products.

Our creations recall the finest ingredients selected from around the world, for example Pistazie aus Bronte, Lemons from Sicily, single Origin Chocolates from Venezuela and France, Tahitian Vanilla beans. On the other hand, we also work together with local producers to bring up the best of the Region. 

Everything we make is amde from scratch

from our butter caramel sauce, chocolate ganages, fruits pures, caramelised nuts, brownies and cakes. 

handmade how we do it

Everything began in the kitchen of our shared Berlin apartment back in 2011. Apart from many things that we have in common, there is one we shared the most: Our love for Food! Trying new combinations of flavours and textures, seeing how the culinary trends evolve caught totally our affection. By the time, we enjoy baking and cooking together so much and one day we ask our selfs, why don’t we try to make our own Ice Cream?. So we bought a little homemade ice cream machine, and that was it!. We were so into ice cream making, we read every culinary book that we could find and started making home tests to share with our friends. The more we talked about it the more we felt that making ice cream was a nice way to do what we really wanted, share this joy with people, create unique products and run our own business.

It got serious at the moment, I (Daniella) went a couple of months to Italy to learn from the Gelatiere in Bologna. Meanwhile, Lupe was evaluating the possibilities to start a business in Berlin. And that way, it started.

We set out to revive the art of traditional ice cream making, using ingredients perfected by nature not science, everything handmade. Each flavour is a celebration of some of the worlds best artisan producers and farmers because we truly believe that extraordinary food comes from extraordinary ingredients.

Our dedication to quality is tireless and we are constantly developing and perfecting our recipes. But at the end of the day, we just really hope you enjoy the ice cream and the waffles.

Dani and Lupe
ice cream

Our artisan ice cream is made from simple and natural ingredients, no short cuts, no ready mixes or powders, and no vegetable fats. We use fresh milk, fresh cream, pure cane sugar and fresh fruits. We also take very serious the origins of our most important ingredients, from the Tahitian Vanilla, the single origin Chocolate, a fresh roasted local coffee, the lemons from Sicily and the 100% pure nuts pastes. We believe that combining these ingredients wisely we get to offer extraordinary and creamy ice cream flavours.


In Waffel oder Becher we transform simple, natural and nutritious food in a moment of joy and pleasure. When it comes to Waffles, our creations are based on local, seasonal and unique ingredients that have the goal to conquer our visitors palates. Every waffle we do is for us a challenge, from a simple crunchy Waffel with powder sugar to a very classic waffle full of seasonal fruits on which we say… “ Guten Tag !” . And the non conventional ones, like our tipsy goat waffle made with goat cheese and brandy apricots, or a delicious waffle with sweet ricotta, homemade blueberry jam and lemon curd.

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